Saturday, August 29, 2009

Colette and Grace :)

These pictures are actually from my trip to MN in July, but I HAD to post them. They are just too cute!! I actually just got back from an overnight trip to MN today. We are narrowing in on a house there and I had fun looking today. I spent the night with Sara, Jon and Gracie and they as always, were fabulous hosts. I can't wait for these two to spend more time together!!! Oh, and Coley stole Gracie's paci, which she hasn't had since she was about four months old and had it the whole time we were there! Luckily she didn't seem to mind when I finally took it away :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Murphy Family Reunion

I organized a family reunion for my Mom's side of the family this past July at Cragun's resort in Brainerd, MN. We were all there except for my cousin JoAan's husband Jason. We grilled, sat around camp fires telling stories, sang karaoke (shout out to Jason the DJ :) and had a great family dinner on Saturday night. It has been more than 15 years since our last family reunion and I hope we will continue to do this every three years or so.

So much to update, so little time!!

It has been awhile since I last updated. We have had TWO trips to MN since then. The first was a fabulous 12 day stay which included the Murphy Family Reunion and the annual Miller Cabin!!! I will upload some Miller cabin photos (and get to the reunion later :). Coley got to play with three other friends almost the exact same age and they all had a great time. Since returning to Chicago we have accepted an offer on our condo and assuming all goes well (knock on wood) we will be moving back to MN late September or early October!! YAY!!! We are excited and spent the past Sunday through Tuesday frantically house hunting. I'd say we have it narrowed down to four now and our Realtor is doing some more investigating for us. Will keep you posted ;)